Friday, October 21, 2011

Last Call Tour - Week One

So, the first week of the tour is now behind us. I know, I know, where are the daily updates? If you remember I said I'd try...and well, on a good week I barely have time to get on here. But this week with two sick kids, Kindergarten Halloween planning fun, Halloween planning in general and trying to get some writing done there just wasn't enough hours in the day it seemed. But a HUGE thank you to the bloggers who participated in this week: Amanda, Tyra, Krishna and Vicky! There obviously wouldn't have been a tour if not for all the wonderful ladies who signed up for it. If you haven't checked out the guest posts and interview hop to it! Don't forget there's also an international ebook giveaway for Last Call on all sites.

There's more fun coming in interviews, guests posts and, of course, giveaways, starting again on Monday. Again, the schedule tour can be found here

Also, if you've read Last Call and feel like leaving a review/liking/tagging it on Amazon or reviewing on Goodreads that would be great! Until next time...




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