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Everyone does it. You have to, and if you don't, then that's not saying very much for how an author described a character. You start reading about a character and suddenly an image of someone pops into your head. Someone famous, someone you actually know or just someone your own imagination thought up. I usually always have the male character in my head before I start writing, then after the manuscript is complete I start thinking about the female and who she would look like. Wondering who I think would fit the part?

~Last Call~

Novalee Jensen - Ali Larter
Cali Donavon - Kelly Carlson
Dean Philips - Jensen Ackles (scruffy Jensen though)
Richard Philips - Sean Bean
Abigail Knight - Olivia Wilde 

~A Christmas Kiss~

Emma Callaway - Rachel Hurdwood
Jarrett Mackenzie - David Boreanaz 

~Risking It All~

Kennedy Monroe - Evangeline Lilly (Katie Melua is exactly how I picture her but she's not an actress)
Memphis Adams - Ian Somerhalder
Ian Brooks - Eric Bana 






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