Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Last Call Tour

One of the perks to being published is being able to do interviews, guest posts etc for other blogs/websites. Maybe it's the nerd in me, but I love, love, love answering interview questions. Okay, maybe less nerdy and more nosy. I'm far more  nosy than nerdy. C'mon, who doesn't like a chance to take a little peak into someone else's life? That's what I thought. So, if you're nosy like me, here's what you  need to know.

Are you a book blogger? If you are, or even if you know one and want to pass on the message (because, hello, you can totally be nosy from someone else asking the questions and finding the answers) you can sign up for the Last Call Tour! The dates run from Oct 17-28, and each blog can offer ebooks for giveaway internationally. Check out the form at the end of the post for more details.

Curious how I got the ideas for Last Call? Want to know who, or what, inspired the naughty bits inside (although if you read the dedication I'm pretty sure that answers itself)? Whatever it is you'd want to know sign up for the Tour and ask away! Or if you'd rather do a review or guest post that's great too!

Last Call Tour

Hope to see you on it!




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