Saturday, August 27, 2011

I have a blog?

Okay, do I even need to say I suck at keeping up with this thing? I think it's fairly obvious since I haven't checked in since July. And apparently I have followers, they just don't show up as following me so really it just looks like I'm talking to myself. Thanks a lot, followers. Like I don't come off as crazy as it is ;)

I've been playing the part of "mother" the last few weeks and "author" has been put on the back burner. My oldest is starting Kindergarten after Labour Day (how the hell did that happen??) and my youngest has been MIA visiting his father. I miss my little booger :( Also, writer's block has been kicking my ass. As soon as I figure out how to kick that ornery little fucker to the curb my creativeness should resurface again. I hope.

But in the mean time, some pretty exciting news. My first novel Last Call is now available for pre-orders on TWCS Publishing House website! PUB day is September 29, but if you order now you'll get your copy by that date instead of having to wait! I mean, I'm pretty sure that's how it works. Damn, can you tell I'm not on top of these things?

Here's where you can find it along with so many other great books! Check them out. I promise it will be worth it.



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