Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The end of another summer

With August quickly approaching its end, we'll soon be saying good-bye to summer and hello to fall. September is just a few short days away and with it comes cooler nights, golden leaves and my favourite season. 

I love everything there is about fall. The smells, the colours, getting to wear hoodies all the time, being able to take out my A/C and have my hydro bill go down--at least for the one month until I have to turn my furnace on because winter will soon be upon us. But the best thing about this wonderful season? No more thunderstorms. Little thundershowers with a few claps of thunder I can handle, but when that severe warning goes up all I can think about is being tossed around like a feather by a tornado. Xanax and I could be BFFs during the summer if I allowed it. Yes, I'm terrified of thunderstorms--yet like the sound of thunder. Go figure. 

Another thing to look forward to: school is back in. Yes, as sad as I am that my baby, my last little munchkin, is going to be in Kindergarten I'm also excited that both children will be in school. My youngest thrives on attention and interaction with others, and my oldest is more of a loner (like his mama) and needs to have that interaction so he learns to open up. And school time for them means sleep catch up for Mama. I mean work. Work catch up. 

So how did I spend my summer? I'd like to say that I traveled a lot, discovered new things, learned new languages and came back with so many stories to tell that I have material for my next five books. Instead, I stayed home, played a lot of Wii with the kiddos, caught up on some old TV shows, did some reading and not a whole lot of work. It was great, the perfect lazy summer. Not novel material great, but "mom" great. 

How do I plan to enjoy the last few days of summer freedom? Lying on a beach with the sun in my face, the sand between my toes listening to the splashing of the waves. No. Wait. I'm confusing my life with my character's. I get to celebrate the end of summer by partying it up at our annual rodeo. Because let's face it, cowboys in dirty jeans and hot hats beat the beach any day. 


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