Friday, June 22, 2012

Oh, where, oh where, can it be?

I seem to have lost all interest in writing lately. And it blows because I have such great ideas - at least they're great ideas to me - and I want to get them down and start another frustrating, writer's block journey, but I just don't have the interest. I haven't even kept up with this blog.

In a previous post I mentioned that I had an idea for a vampire book. I've never ventured into fantasy writing and I was so excited to try my hand at it. I even have a loose outline of the story. An outline, people! I never make outlines. That's how excited I was to start this novel. I held off until I completed the manuscript for Risking It All and sent it off to my editor and then I planned to bury myself in this next project. Ideas were coming left and right, so many so fast that I barely got one scratched down on whatever spare piece of paper I could find before another one was hitting me. How could I not be excited about this? I thought for sure I would have no problems getting the words out on this one. Writer’s block, kiss my ass. You will not beat me this time.


The ideas are still there. They are still swarming my head like angry bees ready to attack at any second, but I just can’t seem to make myself sit down and write. I want to. God, do I want to. But there’s just no appeal.

How can that be?!

I’m frustrated and annoyed and really just down right pissed off at myself for not having the attention span to do anything. Even writing this post has taken me over an hour because I keep wandering away or letting myself be distracted by other things. Now granted, some of those “other things” are my children who apparently need to be fed, bathed and read to (I didn’t read the fine print before signing up for this parent thing evidently) but really, they are just  my excuse for not doing anything creative wise.

Well, that’s not entirely true. We did make a telescope out of paper towel and toilet paper rolls the other day. The boys thought it was epic so obviously my creativeness hasn’t totally vanished. It really was epic by the way.

I just want to have the focus to write again, damn it! But in the meantime, I’m teaching my youngest the greatness of past television shows. Through many tears we watched all 15 seasons of ER and now we’ve moved onto Friends. Being distracted isn’t all bad.


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  3. I hear you! Sometimes it takes a little time for the ideas to settle down and starting coming together coherently. When I first have a story idea, I usually have a notepad file open and I scratch down a sentence or a scene at a time, in no particular order, just to keep track of ideas. I'll sit on an idea for months (ok, let's be honest, years), but when your story is ready to be written I'm sure you'll know.

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