Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Please, bite me!

Now that I've finished Playing With Fire, I've decided to move onto something very different than what I've written in my last two books. I'm taking my obsession and turning it into my own fiction. What is this obsession you ask?

Well, for those who really know me they won't need to ask. But for those of you who don't know the dark obsession that I've had since before I should have been allowed to have it, I'll tell you.

*gasp* No! Really? *rolleyes* Yes, I, along with so many others, have a sad addiction to the undead. But I'm tired of reading the same thing over and over again when it comes to vampire books. Now, while I won't tell you what I have up my sleeve for a plot line and how I (hope) to make my vampire book different from others that are already out there, I will share with you my list of who I think are the best vampires.

10.  Nosferatu is an old silent movie. I mean we're talking 1922 in case you haven't seen it. Now, if you were to watch it now you probably wouldn't find it at all scary. But when you're six and you're at a friend's birthday party and get the brilliant idea to go through their parents' movies and find the scariest one you can find and someone pops in Nosferatu, then yeah, the image of this rodent like vampire will stay with you forever.

9. Marlow is one of those characters that just makes your skin crawl with how violent, dark and dangerous he is. He shows no mercy, has no conscious for anything he does and enjoys the slaughter of humans. But like all great villains Karma proves to be a bitch to him and he gets his in the end.

8. Do not judge me. Carlisle Cullen has had my attention since the first pages of Twilight. No, he’s not the Cullen you would expect to find on this list, but he’s more man – or vampire in this case - than Edward could ever hope to be. While I find the idea of vampires sucking animals dry to stay alive purely laughable, I do find the humanity Carlisle has charming. He ignores his nature to care for humans rather than bleeding them dry. Although, there is a part of me that would love to see him lose control and start a mass murder on the town folk just once. Do not judge me.

7. Dracula has been played so many times by so many different actors. But the Count will always be the king of vampires. He is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word vampire. Handsome just as well as dangerous, he is the reason you were scared of the dark as a child and you wouldn’t dare ask him if he sparkled, now would you.

6. Claudia from Interview with a Vampire is such a sweet little killer. The forbidden vampire child demands attention every time she is on screen. The moment when she kills Lestat is something that will always stay with me as one of the greatest and powerful - yes, powerful- scenes in any vampire movie.

5. Speaking of Lestat, was there a scene more epic in a movie than where he dances with Madeleine's mother's corpse? Tortured, charming, handsome and showing no mercy, Lestat is one of the great ones.

4. Angel is the vampire who started my obsession. Oh where would I be without the vampire cursed with a soul? Angel is one of those characters that you just can't help but love even when he turns into his soulless other half Angelus. You know there's good in him because you've seen it and that's what keeps you coming back for more and rooting for our damaged hero.

3. Stefan Salvatore, the good brother on Vampire Diaries. Or is he? Any VD follower knows early on that it was Stefan that made the brothers turn into vampires. He convinced Damon to drink the blood, and then once he led his brother down the dark path, what does he do? He turns good! WTF is up with that, Stefan? He stops feeding on humans and instead sinks his teeth into the wildlife. Hmm sound familiar? Stefan is the one that you want to see continue to be good, but yet when he’s bad he’s still very good.

2. Eric Northman. What can I say about the Viking vamp that first stole my heart in the Sookie Stackhouse books and then on screen played by Alexander Skarsgård? I think the pool of drool that is on my laptop speaks for itself. His bad ass attitude, confidence and arrogance sends hearts pounding and panties dripping. Take me. Bite Me. Screw me. Turn me. Just do something to me already! Why Sookie wants Bill when she can have Eric is beyond me.

But as much as much as Eric sends my pulse racing, he’s not my number one. That spot is left for

Damon Salvatore, the other brother. I can’t even look at this man and put a coherent thought together. From his eyes to his smile to his leather jacket and sarcasm he completely owns me. He’s all vampire; not only drinking from humans but also killing them and at times turning them, but under it all he has a heart. I know I’m not the only one who cried when he had to kill Rose. The emotion he put into that scene was just so damn powerful that you hurt right along with him. Or when he dances with Elena at the Miss Mystic gala. My favourite part ever!  He cares, he loves and he has feelings. It’s his humanity that he hates but it’s those glimpses of the sweetheart he is that makes us love him. Plus the way his jeans hang off his hips and shows off that nice little v cut doesn’t hurt either.

I’ve stated it before. I am a vampire whore.

Are you?


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