Friday, November 18, 2011

Put it down on paper

Bucket lists seem to be a big thing – a big, unspoken thing. This is what I have learned this week.

Everyone has things they want to accomplish before they die, but it’s like we’re not supposed to talk about it. We’re not supposed to put it down on paper because it’s almost like we’re admitting defeat and handing ourselves over to Death with a big, bright bow. I’ll let you all in on a little secret: Death doesn’t need the bow. Death doesn’t need the list. Death will come for you whether you put your goals down on paper or not. Death is the only sure thing in life. Ironic, huh?

But I’m guessing you already knew that.

So let’s move on to the list that I think everyone should have. Bucket lists are a great thing! They shouldn’t be looked at as a doomed timeline, but as the motivation you need to push yourself to get the most out of life. Everything that’s on that list is about you. That’s the beauty of it. You’re not doing these things to please your kids, your spouse, your boss, whoever. It’s all about you!  Why shouldn’t you have something that’s just yours?

Isn’t it depressing to write down things you want to do, see, accomplish in life only to look at it fifty years from now and perhaps see you did none of it? That’s a question that I was asked a lot when I was nosey and probing into the lives around me and asking about their bucket lists. And my answer? Hell no!

The chance that you’ll have done nothing on your list is slim. You will do something. Sure there’s a chance you might not accomplish all of it, but you can bet your ass you will do some of it. And won’t it be awesome fifty plus years from now to see the things you’ve done- even the little things- checked off?

Bucket lists are not about admitting there’s an end to your life. It’s about embracing the life you have or want and getting the most out of it.

I am a very lucky person to have been able to cross off the number one thing on my bucket list. Publish a book. How freaking awesome is that? There are so many other things on that list that I want to do (like getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight I was before I had my youngest which looks like it’ll be harder than getting a book published) but being able to cross off the biggest, most important item on there is such an amazing feeling. Honestly, I don’t care if I do any of the other things! (Okay, I do, but you know what I mean)

What are you waiting for? Start a list. Make a bunch of them if you want. Add to them as the years go by, but don’t let the years go by without knowing who you are and what you want.


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