Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

First, before we get into the greatness of Halloween, I just want to thank everyone who participated in the last week of the Last Call tour. You can find all guest post, reviews, interviews and giveaways here.

Now, my favourite, favourite!, time of year is finally here. I love Halloween. There is no better holiday, in my opinion. And yes, a large part of that is because I get to raid my children's Halloween candy, but even before I had kids to dress up and take door-to-door I still love the day. I really enjoy seeing the creativity behind the costumes that kids - and adults!- think of.

And, even though I'm a huge chicken who is scared shitless by the tiniest things, I love the spookiness behind it all and all that stories that people love to share and scare each other with. Halloween night always ends with me curling up on the couch after my boys are asleep and watching some horror flick that will have me staying up all night looking for masked murderers that are hiding in the dark corners of my room.

But last night I was going to have a fright night with a friend when I looked over my movie collection and saw the only "scary" movies I own are the Scream trilogy. And, let's face it, not so scary. I know I had more than that... and then I got thinking and realized no, I didn't. All the slash and dash flicks belonged to ex's. Yes, there is a reason why my shelves are bare of horror. *sigh* But, I do have all the seasons of Supernatural and, even though they have laid off the ghosts and ghouls lately in favour of angel wars, some of their first shows are on the freaky side. So I just might have to curl up with season one of Supernatural tonight.

That got me thinking of some of the movies I have seen that I will never watch again because they gave me nightmares for months.... Night of the Living Dead, Pet Sematary, The Grudge (my son can make that grinding whatever noise and I freak) The Ring (anything with something crawling out of a TV or mirror will get me every time) Poltergeist... Of course just as I'm writing that one my dog barks and scares the hell out of me! Oddly enough the "classics" don't freak me out: Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Psycho.... And the thing is I like being long as there's someone to curl up next to and drag off to bed with me.

What are your top horror flicks that have you covering your eyes every single time?


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