Friday, July 01, 2011

Sleep is for the weak

That's what I tell myself (almost) every night as I stay up way too late knowing that in a few short hours I will have two warm little bodies crawling into my bed, prying my eyes open -literally!- and telling me it's time to wake up.

Take right now for is 1:26 am. I should be sleeping, yet I have a thousand thoughts going through my mind and I know, I just know, as soon as I shut off all my lights, crawl into bed and my head hits the pillow a conversation between my new characters will take place. They have the worst timing to come out and play. I'll lay there, listening to them whisper in my ear their plans to take over my new book, taking it in a totally different direction than what I originally planned, and yet, I'll like what they're saying. I won't like that they tell me this at 2 am when I've tucked away my laptop for the night and am too lazy to boot it back up. I also won't like that in the morning I won't remember a damn thing that was said.

If all the good ideas come to you at night, then why not write them down? you might ask. Good idea! Except if I'm too lazy to boot up a computer, you can bet I'm definitely too lazy to put pen to paper. I suppose I hope that it will just magically stick to my memory, waiting until the first rays of morning light are burned into my irises thanks to two eager children. Unfortunately, the plot that was so quickly created while my eyes were drifting closed is just as quickly forgotten when dirty dreams take over my imagination and boot the characters out of my head. And my bed.

But that's a different post all together...



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