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"Last Call is a wonderful heartwarming story that is a perfect way to spend a relaxing day.  Last Call will pull you in with the first chapter and will hold your interest all the way through the last page. 

The heroine in this novel is a young woman that has faced the many challenges in her life with determination and an amazing sense of strength.  Novalee decides to treat herself to a fun trip to Vegas.  She awakes on the last morning of her vacation to find that she had had too much to drink the night before and had gotten married.  She sneaks away and hurries home in the hopes that she can go on with her life and pretend that it never happened. 

The groom, Dean, is handsome and wealthy and is embroiled in a battle with his drunken father over his Grandfather’s estate.  The conditions of the will state that Dean has to be married in order to inherit the estate.  

Enter the problem - Two years has passed and now Dean needs Novalee to testify that they are married and that it is real marriage.  How does he approach her and persuade her to testify for him and not hate him for tricking her.  How can he keep her from taking him to the cleaners in anger. 

Can these two come to an agreement?  Can they be honest with each other or will they be too busy protecting the hearts and their assets?  Can they find a way to forgive after the deceptions and lies finally come to light?

Ms Schmidt has a real talent for telling a story.  I enjoyed every minute that I spent curled up with her story.  If you are looking for a fun, light and beautifully written story - I urge you to lose yourself in this touching story."

Kat Terrell, The Review Lounge


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